Current Work Revised

Minecraft Let’s Play will move forward, however the Pool of Radiance is being delayed. I recorded a few test episodes and to really accomplish anything in-game requires 30-45 minutes of playtime and another 60-90 minutes of editing time (map, updating, etc.)  I haven’t yet decided what will replace it, but the Minecraft episodes will run Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday starting on August 25th.  Whatever replaces POR will run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting August 24th.

So the current Schedule looks like this:

System Shock 2: Daily through the 29th of August

Tanks Tuesday: Every Tuesday

Warship Wednesday: Every Wednesday

Minecraft: The Windows 10 Beta, Completing the Acheivements.  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from the 25th until complete.

TBD: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, until complete.

I’ll keep you all posted.


Let’s Play System Shock 2

Well, I finished recording System Shock 2 today.  It looks like it will be 27 parts, though at least 2 of them will be cut in half due to being 40 minutes long.  I’m not sure any of the others will require the same treatment.  The first episode of System Shock 2 went live on the first and it will run daily through most of August.

Tanks Tuesdays and Warships Wednesdays will continue as well.  I still have 11 SS2 video’s to edit and upload to Youtube, but I should have the next game or two picked by time I finish editing those.

Thanks for watching.