Current Work Revised

Minecraft Let’s Play will move forward, however the Pool of Radiance is being delayed. I recorded a few test episodes and to really accomplish anything in-game requires 30-45 minutes of playtime and another 60-90 minutes of editing time (map, updating, etc.)  I haven’t yet decided what will replace it, but the Minecraft episodes will run Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday starting on August 25th.  Whatever replaces POR will run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting August 24th.

So the current Schedule looks like this:

System Shock 2: Daily through the 29th of August

Tanks Tuesday: Every Tuesday

Warship Wednesday: Every Wednesday

Minecraft: The Windows 10 Beta, Completing the Acheivements.  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from the 25th until complete.

TBD: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, until complete.

I’ll keep you all posted.


Current Work

Youtube with Bill:

Let’s Play System Shock – Release is complete.

Let’s Play System Shock 2 – All episodes uploaded to Youtube for daily release through August 29th.

Let’s Play Minecraft Windows 10 Beta – Will begin recording this series today.

Let’s Play Pools of Radience with Maps – Will begin recording this series today as well.  This series will put up a map alongside the game play so viewers will be able to follow our progress  as we move through Phalan.  There will be a lot of fast forwarding and editing for this series, as mapping anything is slow. I hope it adds that little something extra to the series, and if it is well received, I will do the Might & Magic Series, the rest of the Gold Box Games, Bard’s Tales, and Wizardry the same.

Rook Entertainment LLC:

Work continues on RELAX and RELM, but both have taken a backseat to Youtube work at the moment.


School starts again in a few weeks. I’m hoping the drawing class I’m taking will allow me to do some custom artwork for both the Youtube channel and my company.