Current Work

Youtube with Bill:

Let’s Play System Shock – Release is complete.

Let’s Play System Shock 2 – All episodes uploaded to Youtube for daily release through August 29th.

Let’s Play Minecraft Windows 10 Beta – Will begin recording this series today.

Let’s Play Pools of Radience with Maps – Will begin recording this series today as well.  This series will put up a map alongside the game play so viewers will be able to follow our progress  as we move through Phalan.  There will be a lot of fast forwarding and editing for this series, as mapping anything is slow. I hope it adds that little something extra to the series, and if it is well received, I will do the Might & Magic Series, the rest of the Gold Box Games, Bard’s Tales, and Wizardry the same.

Rook Entertainment LLC:

Work continues on RELAX and RELM, but both have taken a backseat to Youtube work at the moment.


School starts again in a few weeks. I’m hoping the drawing class I’m taking will allow me to do some custom artwork for both the Youtube channel and my company.


Let’s Play System Shock 2

Well, I finished recording System Shock 2 today.  It looks like it will be 27 parts, though at least 2 of them will be cut in half due to being 40 minutes long.  I’m not sure any of the others will require the same treatment.  The first episode of System Shock 2 went live on the first and it will run daily through most of August.

Tanks Tuesdays and Warships Wednesdays will continue as well.  I still have 11 SS2 video’s to edit and upload to Youtube, but I should have the next game or two picked by time I finish editing those.

Thanks for watching.

YouTube News

First episode of LPSS2 goes live Saturday morning at 6am, with one episode a day until it’s complete.  Let’s Play System Shock one is rolling to a close, with about one week of episodes remaining.  The first Warship Wednesday video went live yesterday, and the next Tank Tuesday episode is Commented as will be all future Tank Tuesday and Warship Wednesday episodes.

On August 1, I will post a short video discussing the future of this channel and my ideas going forward.  I haven’t yet decided what I’m going to call it, but it will basically be me talking for a few minutes  about the channel and whatever else comes to mind.

Let’s Play System Shock 2

I started editing/rendering the SS2 video I had completed, and realized I did not export the audio for 2 of the 16 episodes. Rather than trying to reproduce it and likely sound fake (I’m not that good of an actor), I deleted all 16 and started over.  I am on episode 6 now, and only recording 2-4 episodes before editing/rendering/uploading them to youtube.

The new Series will start August 1st, as I am running these episodes longer (20-30 min average). I expect I will finish SS2 in 30 episodes or less, but it takes what it takes.

I am considering a slightly different approach to the next series after SS2 so I do not get burned out on this.  I will reduce the episode releases to 2-3 per week for the primary Let’s Play game, and add one or two stand alone Let’s Plays or reviews per week.   The stand alone Let’s Plays will likely be retro games, emulated games, etc.  I have a huge list of stuff I want to do, and it seems to grow weekly. LOL

Current Let’s Play wish List in no particular order:

Ali Baba – (Atari Emu)
Gold Box Games – RPG – Probably too long/repetitive
Masters of Orion 1 & 2- 4X – long/repetitive
MULE (Atari Emu)
Ultima Underworld 1 & 2 – RPGish
BioShock 2
Doom II
Doom 3
Hexen (Heretic 2)
Kotor & Kotor 2
Borderlands & Borderlands 2 (possibly co-op)
Alien Isolation
The Bureau
Dues Ex : Human Revolution
Metro : Last Light
South Park : Stick of Truth
Xcom old & new
Wing Commanders 1-IV
Star Control III
Leisure Suit Larry
Ultima 1-VI
Dungeon Keeper 2
Might & Magic 1 – 6
Baldurs Gate I & II
Planescape Torment
Icewind Dale I & II
Descent 1, 2, 3
Miner 49er (Atari Emu)
Jumpman Jr (Atari Emu)
Archon & Archon II (Atari Emu)
Dig Dug (Atari Emu)
Galaxian (Atari Emu)
Karateka (Atari Emu)
Gauntlet (Atari Emu)
Tron, Tron II, (Atari Emu)
Eastern Front (Atari Emu)

Let’s Play System Shock, locked and loaded

All 51 episodes of Let’s Play System Shock are on YouTube, with one being released everyday until August 7th. Let’s Play System Shock 2 is currently in the works.  I’m working on episode 16 now and will likely start that series either on August 1st or August 8th, depending on how fast I produce them.  I am trying a few new things this time around.  I’m using Audacity’s Noise Reduction filter to  cut out the fan noise.  With SS1, I was just trimming the clips down to my talking.  I am also really trying to be more verbose. I’m not certain I am where I want to be yet, but we will see how it goes.  There is always the next game…

Speaking of next game I’m not sure what it will be. I have a long list of games I would like to play or replay. I think I will play it by ear for now.

Current work update

Let’s Play System Shock:

Over 30 episodes in the queue now and its looking like there will be 52 total episodes to this series, with one being released every day.  Part 08 was released today.  A few days have 2 releases, as some episodes are very short.

Other YouTube Releases:

I’m also releasing more World of Tanks, World of Warships and Armored Warfare videos, although I will be spacing those out as I do not generate “good” episodes of those as fast as the Let’s Play.

Next Let’s Play: System Shock 2

I’m currently preparing my System Shock 2 install with various graphical enhancement mods, as it will be the next Let’s Play target.  I hope to start recording them next weekend, begin releasing them mid- to late July and will overlap the end of the Original System Shock Let’s Play releases by a week or two.

Programming: RELAX – Rook Entertainment Laser Attack eXpedition

Still working on the Galaga/Galaxian clone, though the large amount of editing time spent on the Let’s Plays has slowed this project down some.

Programming: RELM Redux – Rook Entertainment Last Match 2.0

This work is heating up now that World of Warships now supports replays, and we believe Armored Warfare will soon support replays as well and RELM will be updated to support AW also.

Let’s Play System Shock with Bill now LIVE on YouTube

Part 0 – Intro to Let’s Play System Shock with Bill

Intro and First episode are up on YouTube; I will continue to post additional videos every few days.  I have recorded the entire game and the audio, Just have to Edit and Sync the Video to the Audio and, in places, add additional commentary.  I have changed the numbering of the episodes.  I was following a Level x Part y format, and am now just using a simple Part 1, Part 2 format, as a few times during the game you have to jump from level to level to complete tasks to get yourself off of Citadel Station.

I do not talk through the entire game as some “Let’s play” folks do, as I only do Let’s Plays of games I enjoy and would rather let the game speak for itself… besides I have the face for radio and voice for print – you can thank me later. 😉

Hope everyone enjoys the series, and I look forward to your constructive comments.