Recently I’ve really expanded my Engine Tool useage, Unreal Engine 4 looks promising and allows the leveraging of my existing C++ skills.  Game Maker Studio is extremely simple and is great for 2d type games.  I’ve also picked up RPG Maker VX Ace, though I haven’t yet had time to mess with it, it appears to basically be a plug and play builder for JRPG style games, I intend to dig into it at some point and see if I can hack in a different combat system, otherwise It will likely be GMS that I write those types of games in.




RELM 3.0

*UPDATE* Released  Rook Entertainment Tools Page

I spent a few days rewriting alot of C++ code to make the program C#, and finished all the tool logic, just some tooltips to add as well as set up the TAB steps in a logical manner and It will be complete.  I expect to release it this weekend.

Here are some images from the Tool.  RELM uses less than 9mb of ram while running, and even while renaming/moving files I’ve never seen it tick over 0.1% cpu usage.



I’ve wanted a Mac to play with for a few years, I even tried to build a Hackintosh a few years ago, but trying to get Audio/Video working properly was so much of a pain I gave up.  Well its time to give it another shot.  Thanks too much simpler tools from Tony Mac X86 I’ll be attempting this again, probably this weekend if all goes well.  Tony’s new Unibeast and Multibeast installers make the installation a snap.  All I need to do is verify the Hackintosh hardware I bought a couple of years ago is supported by Unibeast and Multibeast, and I’ll be on my way.

With the advent of iOS, I’m hoping to be able to get in some iOS5 development if the Hackintosh build is successful.

Work begins on second ROOK title!

I know I know, we havent released our first game and we’ve already begun work on the second?   We have begun preliminary design for an RPG.  We have no official title as of yet, but engine design and game mechanics/storyline have been started.  Primary engine design is done at our Montana facility ( until I can afford to pay the Montana staff to move to Michigan anyway ).   Game system and storyline are being done here in Michigan.

 Goals for this RPG

1) FUN!

2) The RPG is to have a nostalgic feel w/o the painful controls and 320×200 EGA graphics, we plan to kick it up a notch and support 640×480 VGA graphics! wahoo!  Seriously though we hope to be able to support whatever resolution your default desktop runs at be it 640×480 or up to my desktops resolution of 6116×1080 ( Eyefinity with bezel correction ).


Work continues on CRUCIBLE, with Engine and game systems being one here in Michigan.


Bill Linton