RELM 3.0

*UPDATE* Released  Rook Entertainment Tools Page

I spent a few days rewriting alot of C++ code to make the program C#, and finished all the tool logic, just some tooltips to add as well as set up the TAB steps in a logical manner and It will be complete.  I expect to release it this weekend.

Here are some images from the Tool.  RELM uses less than 9mb of ram while running, and even while renaming/moving files I’ve never seen it tick over 0.1% cpu usage.



Small Buisiness Tools

Economical Credit Card Processing.!home

Simple and relatively cheap book and document scanning.  ( You don’t get the books back; they cut the binding off. )

Virtual Business Telephone answering system.

Rook Entertainment LLC

Well I decided to take the easy route, and just put up a WordPress Blog on, still fiddling with settings etc, and need to add several additional pages, but at least this way its easy to maintain and update.  I can post from anywhere with my HTC Sensation, which makes it even easier.