October Work Update

Busy last few weeks!

I’ve had to cut back on the video release schedule.  I still plan to finish the XCOM-EW and Minecraft series of videos and have over 50 World of Warships/World of Tanks videos that just require commentary and editing.  I’m working my regular job along with taking 2 classes at night.  I have also begun building a client-server game for Dire Web Enterprises and, as that is an actual paying gig, it takes priority over projects that are generating little to no income (YouTube).

Current YouTube work: (no set schedule ATM)
XCOM: Enemy Within: Episode 13+
Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Edition: Episode 9+

Programming Work

Rubble (collaboration with Dire Web Enterprises) test client-server by year’s end.

REBB 1.0 – Few additional updates to bring it to a “released” status, incorporating some constructive feedback I’ve received by year’s end.

RELAX 0.2 – Hoping to finish this by year’s end as well; artwork is slowing me down as I’m creating it all myself.

RELM 3.0 – I’ve decided to build a more generic implementation so It can be modified to work with additional games without changing the code.  This has caused a major rethink of how the program is structured.  Hope to finish this by the first quarter of 2016.

MUD – My wife thought it would be cool to write a MUD (multi-user dungeon for the young) from scratch, including a client/server/editor using a lot of what I have learned from Rubble.  Not sure it’s feasible at this time, but as I finish other projects I will begin researching this one more vigorously.



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