Current work update

Let’s Play System Shock:

Over 30 episodes in the queue now and its looking like there will be 52 total episodes to this series, with one being released every day.  Part 08 was released today.  A few days have 2 releases, as some episodes are very short.

Other YouTube Releases:

I’m also releasing more World of Tanks, World of Warships and Armored Warfare videos, although I will be spacing those out as I do not generate “good” episodes of those as fast as the Let’s Play.

Next Let’s Play: System Shock 2

I’m currently preparing my System Shock 2 install with various graphical enhancement mods, as it will be the next Let’s Play target.  I hope to start recording them next weekend, begin releasing them mid- to late July and will overlap the end of the Original System Shock Let’s Play releases by a week or two.

Programming: RELAX – Rook Entertainment Laser Attack eXpedition

Still working on the Galaga/Galaxian clone, though the large amount of editing time spent on the Let’s Plays has slowed this project down some.

Programming: RELM Redux – Rook Entertainment Last Match 2.0

This work is heating up now that World of Warships now supports replays, and we believe Armored Warfare will soon support replays as well and RELM will be updated to support AW also.


Let’s Play System Shock with Bill now LIVE on YouTube

Part 0 – Intro to Let’s Play System Shock with Bill

Intro and First episode are up on YouTube; I will continue to post additional videos every few days.  I have recorded the entire game and the audio, Just have to Edit and Sync the Video to the Audio and, in places, add additional commentary.  I have changed the numbering of the episodes.  I was following a Level x Part y format, and am now just using a simple Part 1, Part 2 format, as a few times during the game you have to jump from level to level to complete tasks to get yourself off of Citadel Station.

I do not talk through the entire game as some “Let’s play” folks do, as I only do Let’s Plays of games I enjoy and would rather let the game speak for itself… besides I have the face for radio and voice for print – you can thank me later. 😉

Hope everyone enjoys the series, and I look forward to your constructive comments.

Let’s Play System Shock

I have completed the game, so there’s just editing to do now.  I hope to start posting these to YouTube next week!

I killed 782 enemies, spent over 11.5 hours in game, had 26 deaths (regenerations).  This is the first play-though I’ve done in  several years, so I remembered parts of it, but last time i played it was probably 2004-2005 time frame.  Even after 20 years, the game is still fantastic despite the 2D enemies and low resolution on the textures.  I hope you enjoy watching the Let’s Play as much as I enjoyed making it.

System Shock Let’s Play Cont.

I have finished recording levels 1-6 and R, just 7-8-9 with a quick trip to 3 and R remaining to finish them.

Ended up having to record with DOSBOX (CTRL+ALT+F5), convert that file in Windows Movie Maker to a WMV, then edit the WMV and the WAV from Audacity in Premiere Pro CC to create each final upload to Youtube at 1440×1080.  The first two parts of Level 1 where done in other software, so they aren’t quite as good.  The intro to the series I’m working on will be at least 1440×1080, and in it I will cover in commentary how each part was created, along with some info about System Shock in general.