Let’s Play System Shock 1

Recorded the play of the first two levels of System Shock 1 – a few deaths where involved.  I’m sure I’m not hitting every secret area or hidden equipment trove, but it’s fun to go back and play the classics every now and then.

L1 & L2 complete… Moving to Reactor Level next. I will start posting these videos once I have the entire game completed and will release one video a day until I’ve done them all.  No clue how many it will end up being, but I will likely cut them into sections depending on the level and what’s happening.

I’m having to record them  from my desktop. For some reason having DXtory, FRAPS or Shadowplay record just the play window causes audio issues, which freeze the game momentarily.  So I’m having to crop them down to size with Premiere since DOSBOX doesn’t play nice full screen at 3440×1440.  All recordings are at 1600×1200 since I can do a 2x Hardware scale in DOSBOX from System Shock’s resolution of 800×600.  When I played it the first time my computer would barely play it at 320×200 – how computers have gotten better in the last 21 years!

I’m happy to take suggestions for the next “Let’s Play” as well, but I reserve the right to veto options that either I don’t think are fun to play or that likely won’t be fun to watch a full game of.  Although I would consider doing those style games  in fast forward or cutting out extraneous or repetitive play.




My YouTube Channel

My YouTube channel, where I post my replays from World of Tanks, Warships, Warplanes, War Thunder and any other game that catches my fancy.  I am working on some “Let’s Plays” with Bill and will comment about them here as I post each series.

The Signpost and the Mower

Well, this isn’t about development, but a couple Saturdays ago I was mowing my lawn for the first time of the season.

I walked my yard picking up tree branches that had fallen, bottles, etc. that accumulate from all the jackasses around here that think that any street is their trashcan.  I didn’t notice that an old metal signpost had pushed up through the dirt in the corner of my yard.

So during the first mowing I hit the post (it was lower than the grass).  This bends my mower blade backwards and cracks the block on my riding mower.  I tried to dig the post out myself but its more than 2 feet down and I just don’t have the tools, as well as being disabled makes the job impossible.  I contact the county to see if they will remove the post.

I am contacted by the Sign Department Supervisor, and the sign post gets removed.  Excellent, effective government at work.    I’m told to contact another department for reimbursement for the damage to my mower.  This department tells me they won’t reimburse me as no accident report was made at the time the sign was damaged/removed.  And since they cant be held liable they wont pay.  Talking to my neighbors, there hasn’t been a sign in that location for at least 10 years.

Guess I shouldn’t have expected anything different from Macomb County, MI government since CYA is all they care about.

Guess I’m just lucky no one was injured or killed from the post since the county probably would have said it was obviously my fault it was there since no accident report was filed 10+ years ago when some idiot hit the sign the first time, probably one of the same jackasses that toss their whiskey bottles in my front yard.