Good Old Games

Good Old Games knows its customers.  Too bad companies like EA wont listen to its PAYING customers.  EA’s DRM gets more draconian with each release, punishing ONLY the PAYING customers; their games still get pirated on day 1 if not before.



When it rains it pours!  I got invited to 2 Beta tests this week. I can’t say much more as I’m under NDA, but when the NDA drops I’ll give my impressions.

Hackintosh Pt 2

Well, I did some research and found my Video card isn’t supported, though some suggest is close enough that a driver for a different model from the same generation may work. So I may give it a shot.  It’s an nVidia 9800 GTX, and there are drivers for the nVidia 9800 GT & nVidia 9800 GTS.


I’ve wanted a Mac to play with for a few years, I even tried to build a Hackintosh a few years ago, but trying to get Audio/Video working properly was so much of a pain I gave up.  Well its time to give it another shot.  Thanks too much simpler tools from Tony Mac X86 I’ll be attempting this again, probably this weekend if all goes well.  Tony’s new Unibeast and Multibeast installers make the installation a snap.  All I need to do is verify the Hackintosh hardware I bought a couple of years ago is supported by Unibeast and Multibeast, and I’ll be on my way.

With the advent of iOS, I’m hoping to be able to get in some iOS5 development if the Hackintosh build is successful.