Rook Entertainment LLC

Well I decided to take the easy route, and just put up a WordPress Blog on, still fiddling with settings etc, and need to add several additional pages, but at least this way its easy to maintain and update.  I can post from anywhere with my HTC Sensation, which makes it even easier.


World of Warcraft

Well the wife and I rejoined WoW yesterday.  We both jumped on the annual pass bandwagon so we would get Diablo III with our regular subscription.

Dan and I ran Utgart Pinnacle and Gundrak last night, gaining a good bit of Guild XP, and netting level 78 for my Druid Guhlyath.

3rd Anniversary

Had a wonderful 3rd Anniversary with my wife Danielle.  She made me a wonderful card, and I got her flowers.  She is the kindest, warmest, most wonderful woman, partner, and lover any man could ask for, I am truly blessed that she choose me to spend her life with.