Work begins on second ROOK title!

I know I know, we havent released our first game and we’ve already begun work on the second?   We have begun preliminary design for an RPG.  We have no official title as of yet, but engine design and game mechanics/storyline have been started.  Primary engine design is done at our Montana facility ( until I can afford to pay the Montana staff to move to Michigan anyway ).   Game system and storyline are being done here in Michigan.

 Goals for this RPG

1) FUN!

2) The RPG is to have a nostalgic feel w/o the painful controls and 320×200 EGA graphics, we plan to kick it up a notch and support 640×480 VGA graphics! wahoo!  Seriously though we hope to be able to support whatever resolution your default desktop runs at be it 640×480 or up to my desktops resolution of 6116×1080 ( Eyefinity with bezel correction ).


Work continues on CRUCIBLE, with Engine and game systems being one here in Michigan.


Bill Linton



DRM Continued

Well more DRM news, It appears EA/Bioware are keeping players out of Dragon Age if they bought any DLC ( inc Dragon Age Ultimate ). I bet their paying customers are SO happy they didn’t torrent the game.

This includes SINGLE player saves if the character has picked up any DLC items.  When will companies quit treating their LOYAL and PAYING customers like thieves?