DRM Is the Devil

Dragon Age II ships with SecuROM DRM after BioWare explicitly said it would not; in addition to lying to customers, there is no warning on the in-store purchases of DAII to let buyers know.

This is just another in the long list of companies proving they don’t care about their customers.  Any DRM added is cracked within hours of release – if not BEFORE release!  That leaves only legitimate customers having to deal with the headache of continual activation, timed activation, limited number of installs and other equally horrible methods of “securing” a company’s product from lawful purchasers of software.   The pirates will be playing  your games with no such obstacles.

Rook Entertainment will NEVER use DRM like SecuROM or StarForce Copy Protection.   That being said, I have no problem with one time activation (per install) or account-based security (like Steam).  

Bill Linton



Of desire.

I have always had the desire to develop games.  Like millions of other kids I wanted to build the next great thing.  But years of desire do not make a developer.   I decided two years ago to make my desires a reality; in order to fulfill those desires I began a logical, ordered path.  School and study, as well as reading dozens of development books leads me to this day:  Today I begin putting all this work and study to use by forming Rook Entertainment LLC.

ROOK currently works with 6 members. 

Daniel Biehl : Designer/Programmer

James Brooks : Web consultant

Charles Gill : AI Programmer 

Bill Linton : President ( tax form monkey ) / Designer / Programmer

Danielle Linton : Proofreader

Thomas Mowbray : Tools Designer / Programmer

This new company will make the games we always wanted to play starting with a turn based wargame Crucible : the terraforming of Mars.