Recently I’ve really expanded my Engine Tool useage, Unreal Engine 4 looks promising and allows the leveraging of my existing C++ skills.  Game Maker Studio is extremely simple and is great for 2d type games.  I’ve also picked up RPG Maker VX Ace, though I haven’t yet had time to mess with it, it appears to basically be a plug and play builder for JRPG style games, I intend to dig into it at some point and see if I can hack in a different combat system, otherwise It will likely be GMS that I write those types of games in.




RELM 3.0

*UPDATE* Released  Rook Entertainment Tools Page

I spent a few days rewriting alot of C++ code to make the program C#, and finished all the tool logic, just some tooltips to add as well as set up the TAB steps in a logical manner and It will be complete.  I expect to release it this weekend.

Here are some images from the Tool.  RELM uses less than 9mb of ram while running, and even while renaming/moving files I’ve never seen it tick over 0.1% cpu usage.


October Work Update

Busy last few weeks!

I’ve had to cut back on the video release schedule.  I still plan to finish the XCOM-EW and Minecraft series of videos and have over 50 World of Warships/World of Tanks videos that just require commentary and editing.  I’m working my regular job along with taking 2 classes at night.  I have also begun building a client-server game for Dire Web Enterprises and, as that is an actual paying gig, it takes priority over projects that are generating little to no income (YouTube).

Current YouTube work: (no set schedule ATM)
XCOM: Enemy Within: Episode 13+
Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Edition: Episode 9+

Programming Work

Rubble (collaboration with Dire Web Enterprises) test client-server by year’s end.

REBB 1.0 – Few additional updates to bring it to a “released” status, incorporating some constructive feedback I’ve received by year’s end.

RELAX 0.2 – Hoping to finish this by year’s end as well; artwork is slowing me down as I’m creating it all myself.

RELM 3.0 – I’ve decided to build a more generic implementation so It can be modified to work with additional games without changing the code.  This has caused a major rethink of how the program is structured.  Hope to finish this by the first quarter of 2016.

MUD – My wife thought it would be cool to write a MUD (multi-user dungeon for the young) from scratch, including a client/server/editor using a lot of what I have learned from Rubble.  Not sure it’s feasible at this time, but as I finish other projects I will begin researching this one more vigorously.


Current Work Update

Hi all,

Just a quick rundown of what I’m working on and what to expect.

Tuesdays will continue to be Tanks Tuesdays for the foreseeable future, though Armored warfare videos may become more common.

Wednesdays will continue Warship Wednesdays as well as World of Warships makes its way toward release.

Next few weeks on Mon,Wed,Fri, Minecraft the windows 10 edition beta achievements will continue I would guess 3-4 weeks to get most of them complete.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday X-COM : Enemy Within lets play in the works.

I was going to do BioShock as the spiritual successor to System Shock 2, but the ambient music throws a copyright notice, so It’s been shelved a while.  I also shelved Pool of Radiance for the time being as its probably 80-120 hours of gameplay and equal numbers of hours of editing to get the production quality to the level I’m happy with.

I’ve done a few Streaming tests with Dan from Ottomobiehl Gaming, and I believe we will start doing a 1 or 2 times a week COOP stream that will appear on our respective sites.  We are looking at game options that offer fun gameplay for a duo to run through, Diabo III, Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequal are at the top of the list, feel free to suggest others  that you think would be fun to watch.

School starts on monday I may post up some of my artwork from the drawing class, but we’ll see how it goes.

Programming on RELM, RELAX and REBB are slow going as my schedule is pretty full most days.

Current Work Revised

Minecraft Let’s Play will move forward, however the Pool of Radiance is being delayed. I recorded a few test episodes and to really accomplish anything in-game requires 30-45 minutes of playtime and another 60-90 minutes of editing time (map, updating, etc.)  I haven’t yet decided what will replace it, but the Minecraft episodes will run Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday starting on August 25th.  Whatever replaces POR will run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting August 24th.

So the current Schedule looks like this:

System Shock 2: Daily through the 29th of August

Tanks Tuesday: Every Tuesday

Warship Wednesday: Every Wednesday

Minecraft: The Windows 10 Beta, Completing the Acheivements.  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from the 25th until complete.

TBD: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, until complete.

I’ll keep you all posted.